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Expanding Access to Quality Care

Humboldt Park Health offers a wealth of comprehensive services

and resources as we aim to increase access to quality healthcare for all. We strive to provide holistic and culturally competent services that are available to people of all identities and socio-economic classes, while addressing the unique needs of our patients with a compassionate and comprehensive approach.

Physicians, Residents, Medical Students & Nurses

Humboldt Park Health is often seen as a refuge by patients whose needs are complex, and options for care are limited. Our team treats patients holistically by delivering services with an empathetic approach.

Delivering specialized care plays a key role in our ability to serve patients in areas that have high rates of mental illness, substance abuse, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cancer, and other common conditions.

Specialized Care

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Increasing advances in medical tools and diagnostic technology are expediting care delivery and improving accuracy and patient outcomes. 


Food & Nutrition Security

Food and nutrition disparities are common for many Humboldt Park Health patients who live in “food deserts' or “food swamps”' and must travel outside the community to find healthy options.

We partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to expand food and nutrition resources for the community. Thanks to this partnership, along with our dedicated staff and volunteers, our food pantry provides much-needed food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, to community
residents and patients each month.

Wellness Center, VIEW FROM SOUTH.jpg

Community Revitalization

At Humboldt Park Health, we know that improving community

wellness requires us to take an integrated and strategic approach.

As we aim to create essential resources that are not currently

available, we are confident that our revitalization initiatives will have

a tremendous impact on the community for years to come.

Wellness Center

Our upcoming state-of-the-art Wellness Center will demonstrate how an anchor institution can transform a neighborhood from “transitional” to a place that supports physical, mental, and social well-being. The over 40,000 square foot Wellness Center will improve community health, support positive outcomes for individuals, and strengthen community bonds.


Affordable Housing

As a part of Humboldt Park Health’s focus on advancing health equity, we are also focused on advancing housing equity. This is another tangible way we can meet the comprehensive needs of our community and help to improve their health. To do this, we will be breaking ground very soon on an affordable housing development.

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